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    Forward and Backward arrows

      I have been reading posts about creating browse sequences but alas still am not sure how to get the forward and backward arrows to appear.

      I don't want to create a browse sequence as my topics don't need to follow a particular order, i just want it to function like a regular browser does.

      Any insight on how to do this? thanks
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          ameurope2 Level 1
          Apologies will post in RoboHelp HTML specific forum.
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            I am a pretty new user also, but I have created browse sequences that work.
            When I read your posting, I was trying to think about what might have gone wrong. From what you said, it sounds like you have successfully created the sequences...you just don't see them. Next time you generate the Help, look at the Additional Options...There is a checkbox in there. You have to check it to let RoboHelp know that you want to publish the Browse Sequences.
            On a related note, The Forward and Back buttons in your browser work with RoboHelp, so maybe you don't need browse sequences at all?
            Best of Luck,
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi Joe

              The OP was wanting the actual Browse Sequence arrows in WebHelp to behave identically to the Browser buttons. The only way to do this is to hack the output files. Actually there is more conversation about it at this link.

              Cheers... Rick