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    Timeout Object Problem: Can’t recreate scaling error

    adam@blueapplestudio Level 1
      In my movie there is a function that scales 3D objects over time using a timeout object. The 3D objects are in an array that is shuffled each round, and based on the outcome of the array shuffle, some 3D objects are scaled and some are not.

      I have been testing this for a while and it almost always works as I anticipate, however I have encountered some events wherein unexpected 3D objects are scaled. To track down the error, I have been tracing the results of the array shuffle, as this is what drives the scaling. When I encountered an event where unexpected objects were scaled I recorded what I thought was a “bad” array shuffle. Then, disabling the array shuffle function, I set the shuffle result to my “bad” array. I expected it would recreate the problem (unexpectedly scaled objects) however it worked accurately this time around.

      Are there any rules regarding timeout objects that are commonly broken that may be causing this? Does a timeout object behave any differently in the Director environment than it does in a published projector? Any broad or general tips (sorry I can’t post the code) are appreciated.