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    Understandig color management and workflow in AE


      Hi guys,


      i really would like to understand the whole process of color management in AE.

      I have done some research in forums, tutorials and manuals, and i understood (i think!) the workflow, but i still have some questions.


      Here the workflow that i understood:

      1- Calibrate the monitor (i used the spider 4 express hardware)

      2- In new AE project, set the color workspace to calibrated monitor's profile (step 1)

      3- Interpret footage that doesn't have any embedded color profile with calibrated monitor's profile (step 1). If the footage has it's own color profile, do not interpret

      4- Choose a color profile for the export, in "output module".


      Is this correct? If yes, i have some questions:


      1- Is correct to start a new project with monitor's profile? Or it's better to start with the profile that the output video will have? (i.e. HDTV rec 709 for the project and HDTV rec 709 for the output). Or it's better to start with monitor's profile and then set the output's profile?


      2- When i render a video for a client, the color profile will not be embedded, right? So, probably, he will see slightly different colors. Is there something to avoid this? (i know i can embed color profile in some video format, but not in the h.264, it seems )


      3- When i import footage, that have a different profile embedded from my project profile, what i see in AE composition are the colors of the footage interpretated by my project profile, so i can see the right color of the footage...right?


      4- If a footage have not a embedded profile, i have to assign one to it...but which one? The same of my project? There is no risk that the footage assume different colors from the original?


      I appreciate very much answers with explanation, not only "do this and this". I need to understand how it works.


      I know this is not an easy argument, expecially for my english..


      Well, i hope that anyone will help me and other peoples that are stuck into this colorful nightmare 


      Thank you!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Is this correct? If yes, i have some questions:


          Absolutely not. You never ever assign a monitor profile as the working space. Not in AE, not in PS, not elsewhere. This is complete nonsense. You only use it for proof preview in the comp, nothing more. Everything else is just left at sRGB/ AdobeRGB/ Rec. 709 or whatever is your target profile. Conversely, you don't force-assign color profiles to footage unless you already know they are to spec. The whole point is to see "correct" colors compensated for the bias in your monitor. you completely misunderstand how CM works. The rest is irrelevant. When using CM there are no inbetweens. It's either on or off and you can embed profiles as much as you want, they will not give the same color representation on uncalibrated devices.



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            Cad81 Level 1

            Oh, ok! I get it now

            Thank you