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    Lightroom CC Pano Merge - Internal Error, unable to merge


      i am running the latest version of LR CC (as of Apr 17, 2016) on Win 7 machine that only has 8GB of RAM. I am trying to create an 18-image pano merge using RAW images shot with a Nikon D800e (about 40 MB/image).


      The preview worked fine and the merge looks terrific.


      The actual merge ran for over 4 hrs and then displayed an error message that an internal error occurred and unable to merge. No other info.


      I do NOT have PS. I have an old version of Giga Auto Pano that I have not updated. I prefer to use the LR Merge option for its simplicity. I am re-running the merge with 9 images and after 1 hr of running, the progress bar indicator is stuck at the same spot as with the 18-image merge after 4 hrs.


      Can you give me some guidance on what I should do next?


      Thanks in advance.