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    Need help with auto scroll/crawl of external text [AS2]

    DavesNotHere Level 1

      I'm relatively new to coding and I have run up against a problem with a task and could really use some help.


      My goal for the code is to perform the following:

      1. Load a variable amount from an external text file.

      2. Be able to switch between automatically scrolling vertically or crawl/marquee horizontally.

         (Does not need to loop, but if its simple enough to include the option that would be useful for the future)

      3. Control the speed of the scroll/crawl.


      The limiting factor is it needs to be in ActionScript 2.0 and can't be higher than Flash 8. This is due to the program the .swf is being imported into.


      I was able to get the external text in with this code:


      myData = new LoadVars();

      myData.onLoad = function()


        textBox.text = this.typeNews;




      I have not been able to auto scroll/crawl the text without putting the textBox on a motion path and controlling the speed by adding frames. This is not ideal as this limits the amount of text to the size of the text box I create.


      I would really appreciate any help with this. Thanks!