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    Titles & Text > Motion Titles > Custom | What's all the spinning?


      Premiere Elements 14. Windows 7.


      I have created and saved several "custom" titles.  Whenever I open my movie project and go to Titles & Text > Motion Titles > Custom, in the Titles & Text panel each of the thumbnails/titles displays a spinning wheel (PE is searching for something?). The spinning remains for a few minutes, then each thumbnail/title appears.


      Why do the spinners appear?


      How can I delete some of the Custom Titles I've created (so I don't have to wait as long for the panel to populate)?


      How can I find out if a particular Custom Title is, or isn't, used in the movie? If it is used, how do I find out where it's used? The movie has close to 400 media... so I cannot go media-by-media to find a particular item.