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    Exporting the Advanced grid in multi language


      I'm trying to export advanced grid to excel with multi language support by using function


      public function saveToMByteArray(codePageID: int, charSet: String);



      which is used to writemultibyte(value,charset);


      and exporting with this


        var xls:ExcelFile = new ExcelFile();


        var bytes:ByteArray = xls.saveToMByteArray(54936, "GB18030"); // Simplified Chinese (4 byte); Chinese Simplified (GB18030

        var fileReference:FileReference = new FileReference();

        fileReference.save(bytes, filename+'.xls');


      but i'm facing problem with conversion on excel like below .




      it's converting only half of word and appending previous word char.


      Can i know how it's working and converting only half of each word.??