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    Loosing detail and blacks when exporting final image


      Hi guys,


      Recently when I finish editing an image in LR5, I notice the detail of the image has been dulled down and blurry than when it was open in the develop module.

      Ive double checked everything from color space, image format, quality level, even tried uploading one of the exported images to my website hoping it was something wrong with Preview, but it looks the same.


      Only other thing I noticed is when I view the image in "library" mode, it looses the detail just as much as the exported version. Only when its in "develop" mode is when it shows the true detail and crunched blacks that I enhanced. And it didnt used to do this. So Im hoping I accidentally changed a button and didn't realize it..


      If anyone has information or can point me in the right direction of something that can help troubleshoot or resolve this, I'd really appreciate any info!