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    Video Timeline Preview


      Hello everyone.


      I've just purchased Premiere Elements 14, and after importing my video media, I notice that the video track only displays the first frame of the video and the final frame, but nothing in between. It's just blank space. If the video clip were only.. say.. 30 seconds long, this wouldn't be an issue. But I'm regularly editing clips that are 5 to 8 hours in length. Manually seeking through them without any preview is basically an impossibly tedious task! I'm coming from another editor (Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum) which shows a full preview of the entire video in the timeline, and I really need that functionality.


      So how do I make Premiere show me a complete preview? I'm just not familiar enough with the program to know where the option might be. I tried googling it, but nothing even remotely relevant was mentioned.



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          GuyMan Level 1

          Through some random clicking around, I managed to figure it out.


          Right click the grey box at the beginning of the video track (i.e. where it says "video 1"), on the context menu select: display style > all thumbnails.


          Now there are previews for the entire timeline. Why isn't this the default? It's practically impossible to find a specific scene in a clip without it!