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    page numbering and skipping some pages

    r_tist Level 1



      I have a booklet with page #s set on the master pages.

      There are a few inserts scattered within the booklet that do not require page #s.

      I Ctrl+Shift+Clicked to release the # on the pages in question and hit delete. However, the page #ing in the booklet does not re-flow accordingly.

      It is still counting that page without a visible #, as a numbered page. I would like those extra insert pages (here & there) skipped and the numbers to continue in correct sequence.


      Cannot remember how to do this. Please advise about making those #s re-flow accordingly.


      Thank you.

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          In the page menu you can make sections, select a page and in the Panel Menu go too Numbering and Section Options…

          I would recommend to add a section marker for the add pages and use none section marker for the normal pages.

          For the add pages make a different master without a number.

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            BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

            And to add to that, InDesign uses a tiny (oft-unnoticed) visual aid to help you see what is happening with the page numbers. Each time you change the numbering—skipping, changing the style, etc.—InDesign puts a little triangle above the page icon in the Pages panel. If you click it once, it highlights the section that Will ^^ is referring to. If you double click it, you can update the numbering and section options. When page numbering gets wacky (because perhaps you inherited someone else's document) recognizing the role of the triangles helps you immediately straighten it out.


            In my screen shot below, pages i–iv are highlighted because I clicked the triangle over page i. The panel is open because I then double clicked it.


            InDesign CCss_058.png

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              r_tist Level 1

              Created a B master page and dragged to the inserts between what we'll call my sections so as to remove the instance of the page number.

              However, page #ing still acknowledging that "non-numbered" insert page, by counting it when flowing the #s on the pages that follow it.


              Can you specifically let me know now what I need to do to better target these inserts - they are the only exception to the rule and the page numbering must globally ignore them - disregard them.


              There are no chapters or anything that needs to be named where text reflecting that displays  on the page. It's not that kind of lengthy book. Can you provide more detail?


              Thank you.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                The only way to "ignore pages" for numbering is to make new sections at each point where numbers should stop and restart.


                You can leave the numbers for the "unnumbered pages as automatic continuing from the previous page, but you should change the number style so ID doesn't complain about duplicate page numbering when you restart numbering at the next page number after your blank pages.


                This is probably scriptable based on master pages, but you'd have to ask over in scripting: InDesign Scripting

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                  r_tist Level 1

                  Here are the specific steps in order to make this work:

                  You go to the page immediately after the divider (select that specific page in Pages panel).

                  Then, go to Layout --> Numbering & Section Options and simply type in the specific # you want that first page after divider to be... ie: 15, or what have you.


                  Continue to do this for every first page immediately following a divider.


                  Now, how can I force the number on the first page of the new section to always fall on the right hand side of the page? Due to the divider with blank backer in front of it, it would visually be more appealing w/ # on right bottom corner of that initial page throughout the booklet.

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                    rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Why not run the inserts as separate documents? That eliminates the pagination problems and the printer very likely will be doing a separate imposition for the inserts, so I would think it would make her job easier.

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