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    Colors and tones shift when flatten image


        From time to time some photos shift colors and/or tones when the layers are merged. The image becomes sort of washed out. I did a research on Google and on Adobe Forum and found out this is not uncommon, it has to do with interpolations and adjustment layers previews when you zoom out such as 25% or 50% for example. When the image is flatten at actual pixels (zoom 100%) there is no shift.


        The problem is that when you are post-processing a high resolution image, it is impossible to do that at zoom 100% all the time. It is necessary to zoom out in order to see the whole photo.


        I was wondering if there is a way to reduce this shift or how to avoid it somehow without being stuck at zoom 100% . The majority of time the change does not affect the results, but sometimes it does.


        I´m using Photoshop CC, Windows 7 SP1 64bits, 16GB, Geforce GTX960 (all drivers up to date). Color Settings: North America General Purpose 2. "Use Graphics Processor" is on / Drawing mode: Advanced.


      Really thanks


      Jorge Sato