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    InDesign too slow! it keeps trying to access c:\windows\CSC\v.2.0.6




      I am trying to open an InDesign document. However, it is taking forever. In addition, it also takes forever when I try to edit the Hyperlinks in the document. I used the Microsoft Process monitor and noticed that the InDesign.exe process keeps trying to access c:\windows\CSC\v.2.0.6\namespace\<domain/host name> folders and it is not able to . the program is not able to find it and if I try to access it using Windows Explorer I am not able to.



      Is there any fix for that? It seems to be an old issue but I haven´t found any solution for that browsing in this Forum. I don´t see why InDesign try to do those accesses.


      InDesign CC 2015 11.3.034 x64 build

      Computer: Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 64-bits

      Intel Core i5-2400 CPU @3.10GHz

      8GB RAM


      Thanks in advance.