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    Importing Tiff's from AE into InDesign




      Im trying set up a template in InDesign where I can export stills from After Effects then bring them into INDD so that I can put them into a pdf presentation.


      The problem is, when I bring them into INDD they appear to have lost their transparency. I understand that in photoshop there is an option to retain transparency when exporting as a TIFF. In After effects I can only assume the equivalent is to export with an alpha channel — which is what I have done. I have opened the images in other programs, even the finder preview, and I can see that the images still have transparency. However when I open them in InDesign they have lost their transparency.


      It is important that I still export as TIFF files from AfterEffects (for workflow) and it is important to have the transparency in InDesign as I use effects like luma mattes that directly effect transparency.


      Is there a setting in InDesign I can change? I've looked at import settings and the Transparency Blend Space etc.


      Any suggestions would be immensely appreciated.



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