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    Is It Possible that Lightroom make freeze your NEW Mac Book Pro 13in?


      Hi To Everyone !

      I had a several issues with my new Mac Book Pro, i was spending tons of time at the phone speaking with Apple assistants and finally i've decided to bring the laptop to the Genius Bar. After download the trial version of lightroom i decided to wait before buy the product because Apple couldn't find any other solution that report that Adobe Products, in this case Lightroom, don't really run very well on New versions of MacBookS. I found it very strange but i was particularly disappointed that after 2 month a could't return the laptop because the return policy, but also make me feel bad for the inutility of Adobe Lightroom for me in this case because it's important for the job that i'm doing.

      Now the point is this, did Apple lied at me about it or they were not "Genius" At all?