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        PeterB55 Level 1

        VERY interesting thoughts. I'm convinced. As soon as the beast is born I will sign up


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          Photo_1985 Level 1

          Also, just a little Twerk here.  No, no, no wrecking balls or Miley Cyrus here (I thought Elvis was known for that in the 50's).  Anyways, back on topic.  I understand many fine products work very well with Adobe that are not on their recommended list.  For most of us, following the manufacturer's recommended hardware (like graphic boards) will increase your chances of having a fine tuned running machine.  I know there are no guarantees that just because Adobe says so it must be.  Boy do I know that well.  Adobe's recommended list are stating items the have tested and found to work well with their associated program.  It by no-means is saying other products won't work equally well, only saying the recommended items are known and tested to work well.  However, your chances are much improved and you don't want to waste money thinking you know better than they do.  As you are in the business longer, you will learn much more and be able to see other items that may work as well or better.


          I feel like I am sounding like a Adobe advocate & believe me, I am not.  Many things they do very well and too many things the don't.   I have their software so I guess that says something.


          Anyway, best to you.  Choose wisely.


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            LabspaceCBR Level 1

            Hi Todd.  Is there a publication explaining what effects when using Premiere Pro (PrP), Media Encoder and After Effects (AE). an example I am trying to find out if when previewing an effect i have added in PrP or AE, is it relying on CPU, GPU or RAM - or combination of them.  When rendering is it using CPU and maximising cores and multi threads?   Classic question I get asked - Would it be better to Buy an iMac 5K or a 6 Core Mac Pro.



            How has Metal improved working with Adobe PrP and AE?


            Is the Mercury Engine automatically available to enable if your GPU is 1024 MB or bigger?


            The Macs would be OS - El Capitan with latest Adobe CC Applications.


            Ced Robertson.

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