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    Wrong thumbnail / preview


      Sometimes a thumbnail / preview image is wrong to a image file. When I use "zoom" to force load the hole image, the thumbnail / preview will updated. The correct thumbnail /preview image will disapear after some time (e.g. when I switch to maps and come back to bibliothek).

      • Version CC 2015.5.1 / Windows 10 (Problem exists also in LR5 / Win 7 and CC / Win 7)
      • Catalog check and optimizing when LR will be closed
      • Lightroom Catalog Previews.lrdata rebuild without changes
      • jpg, raf and so on also affected
      • Even the preview is correct after „zoom“-loading, the wrong version will appear after time


      Any ideas?


      Thanks for solving this!





      e.g. 160507_028.DNG


      during zoom-in:


      After zoom-in / loading image: