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    unable to stop images from auto toning in lightroom 4

    ninjapimp Level 1

      lightroom automatically auto tones images after importing them even when told not to do so in the preferences.

      Edit> preferences> presets

      I have made sure everything is unchecked.


      I previously asked this question but got no solution so i'm trying again to ask.


      here is link original: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4320121


      to sum up my problem. when I synchronize a folder it imports the images, which then starts auto toning the thumbnails and if i click on image its looks awful. so its not just the thumbnails its the image also


      this is really frustrating for me because I shoot in HDR, meaning I bracket my shots  from -3 to +3, 1 stop for each image. so what i expect is each each to go from dark to light but instead lightroom tones them automatically making each image near identical.

      its like lightroom thinks theres a problem and tries to balance each picture so instead of going from dark to light now all 5 bracketed shots look near identical because it has toned them.


      i dont know why it does this.


      i have uninstalled light room.

      deleted every folder, cache in my app data and anything related to adobe lightroom. rebooted.


      Edit> preferences> presets

      I have made sure everything is unchecked.


      then i import a folder and again it starts auto toning them.


      my work around is to select all images> right click develop settings>reset

      and now they look normal.


      so i have to do this each time, basically adding another step.


      the frustration grows because I suffer from ADD and some times I forget to reset the images after an import. grrr


      anotyher huge problem is I export images.

      when ever I have finalized the image and deem its ready for the internets I export it to a subfolder as a jpeg at 100% size and quality.

      then I synchronize the folder and it imports those new jpeg pictures

      and guess what it does, it auto tones them,




      this is driving me nuts.


      all i want it lightroom to NOT auto tone anything after an import.

      i want my pictures and thumbnails to look exactly how they look.



      to be specific. after I import i can see all my thumbnails, they looks fine. i can see my bracket shots from dark to light as they should but a few seconds later i start to notice lightroom is auto toning each thumbnail one by one. its not instant it takes a a sec or so to do each thumbnail.


      I wish to prevent that...how?


      Can anyone please help me

      on my last post I tried everything everyone suggested but for some reason thread is locked and i could not reply anymore even though it states NOT answered.