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    Error 16, No Adobe PCD Folder, Application Manager Uninstalls Itself.


      I have Windows 8, Creative Cloud, and Adobe Premiere Pro. I had to refresh my computer recently and since I got it back up and going I removed everything Adobe with Program Uninstaller in the Control Panel, Adobe's Cleanup Tool, and manually. With the clean slate I reinstalled Creative Cloud and Premiere Pro. Since then I've had a consistent problem of every time I go to open Premiere Pro I get the Error 16. I read up a little and I find it's due to permissions. I run as admin. It says the Application Manager program is missing from Cloud. I try running Cloud as Admin just as a test and it replies that it's broken and can't run.


      I go for days either reinstalling Application Manager, or wiping everything off and reinstalling everything and I really can't take it anymore. I found the article on how to go into the files and change the permissions. So I went in to search for the folders. The folders in question weren't present. I wipe everything off and start over. I find the SLStore folder in the ProgramData and change that. I never found the Adobe PCD on a newly installed Creative Cloud. I try bringing up Premiere. It comes up, I make a video, export, close down, think everything's fine. I come back a couple hours later and everything's broken again. In the ProgramData folder only the Extension Manager CC folder is still there, everything else is gone. And still no sign of Adobe PCD. When I run Premier it's still 16, as admin, App Manager missing, and Cloud is broken. It keeps reverting to this broken state after the first use every time. How can I fix this? It's really destroying my work flow to have to do this before every editing session.