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    Lost object



      i have a little bit poroblem... I lost my object (solid) in the composition an i can´t find it. Can i locate created object (solid)?

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Do you have any shy layers in the comp?

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            Jigoberg Level 1

            no, have only composition and in composition some solids and easely i can´t see my created object or things on the view

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Select all of the layers in your COMP and press the u key twice. This will reveal all of the modified properties of every layer in your composition. Carefully check the timeline and see if you can find what's missing.


              Something either got turned off, set to the wrong value or deleted. If you're affect was on a solid or a shape layer and you accidentally deleted it and you have not enabled auto save then it is gone.


              The only other thing that could be going on is that you are not looking at the Active Camera view in the comp panel and the missing layer is 2D.