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    Help with Premiere Elements 14 Editing


      This is my first go with Premiere Elements 14 and it has been an arduous trial and error.  Mostly the later.


      1). I was unaware that my clips didn't set up correctly and I have the orange line.  I filmed on a Gopro at 1980x1440 the the video set up is 1980x1080.  Is there a way to fix this on my program after I have a completed video?  Is there even a choice for 1980 x 1440?


      2). With respect to the above I tried to use the shake reduction option and I get a red line through the screen telling me I cant use the shake reduction because the image doesn't match the set up.


      3). I would like to draw a circle around one of the images in the background in one of the clips.  I tried tracking an object but that doesn't show on playback


      Any help is appreciated