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    Cannot see POI in LR Map Module

    grits5 Level 1

      I use a gps data logger to record a tracklog for use in LR's map module.


      If I remember to sync my camera with a website showing the correct time then the Map Module works fine. Most often it is 2 or 3 minutes off which can be huge in some circumstances. So a work-around is to take a photo while pressing the POI (point of interest) button on the data logger. That will show you exactly how far off the camera time is and you use LR to adjust the time on the photos.


      The problem is that LR does not show the POI markers so far as I can tell. So I have two questions:


      • Is there a way to tell LR to show POI markers?
      • If not, is there a way to ask Adobe to consider adding this ability? Since the tracklog is simply an xml file, it would be a simple thing to do.