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    Lightroom CC : Changed color tone

    yeow retina

      Bought a new Macbook Pro and installed Lightroom CC onto it.

      After importing my Catalog & Presets (I use VSCO) from my old computer (2012 Macbook Pro with Lightroom CC as well), I realised that the color tone of the images changed tremendously compared to the original edits.

      I checked the parameters, Shadows, Highlights, Whites, Blacks and Curve and everything seems to be the same. I cant find out what's changing things automatically.


      Weird thing is, the Previews of images still show the right tonality from my orignal edits. Once I go into the Develop module, Preview stays for half a second and it changed to a new lighter, faded tone.

      E.g. For the image below I was using VSCO's Tri-X 400 is meant to have the rich black tone.

      1st image is exported from the new MBP.

      2nd image is the original edit from the old MBP that shows the true rich tone.


      I've also tested importing new images into the new Mac and used TRI-X 400 preset, shows the new faded look.

      Other images & presets show the similar faded tone as well, not just this preset. I'm assuming that there's a Lightroom setting that has done something by default and changed the tone consistently across the board.


      Anyone encountered this issue and know what's wrong?

      How do I get back the original tones?