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    Lr won't export to Ps


      So I downloaded creative cloud that includes lightroom and photoshop yesterday. The install finished last night, I then imported all my libraries to Lr, edited a few and decided to export to Ps, at that stage everything worked. I then wanted to stack some images when I realised my C: drive was full. Then I searched around how to move my install to my E: drive. I went under preferences in Creative cloud and changed my install location. No surprises that the installation didn't magically move.

      This morning I manually moved the folders from C: to E;, linked the paths to source etc.

      I can start Lr and Ps just fine, everything seems to be working, except when I want to open images in Ps, normally I right click>edit in> open as layers in photoshop. In my lightroom this is blanked out.

      Anyone know the fix for this? I assume that I need to link Lr and Ps somehow but I cant figure out how.


      Running Windows 7 64bit

      560Ti GPU

      Moving install folders to keeo space on my solid state drive

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          wayneb22725055 Level 1



          Moving everything back to C: resolves the problem...BUT...I still need to move the install folders to my E:. My SSd is nearly full and I need that space when I do deep sky stacking

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            Alfred Pennyworth Level 4

            The core installation of both the programs need to go on the system drive, C no matter where you actually want them to be. Moving folders is very dangerous as they are part of the installation as you have now seen.


            Storing your photos on an external drive is the best way forward I would imagine in your case, but without knowing your setup would be a guess at the moment.


            Photos don't exist in LR, they are referenced in the place they are stored, so stacking won't make any difference with your problem.


            Come back with some more information, then we may be able to help you some more.

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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              The only way to move the Adobe CC apps to some other drive than C is to do what you have done in the creative cloud desktop app then Uninstall all CC apps using the uninstall option in CC desktop app.

              Then run the CC cleaner app

              Use the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems

              Then reinstall them. Note you might even need to reinstall the CC desktop app and make that drive letter change after that is reinstalled.


              You should first backup all the LR catalogs you have, the LR & PS preferences, PS actions, LR & PS Presets and anything else you can think of that you need to carry over to the new install on your other HDD (whether it be the D, E, F or whatever drive letter.


              Note that most of the things you are backing up will eventually be place back into the same PATH as where they came from (even if they were original on the C drive)


              The Apps will still install some files on the C drive and specifically in your User Name folder and its sub-folders along with other folders.

              But the Core of the program will be installed on the drive letter you have selected in the CC desktop app.


              This is a Big mistake on Adobe's part.

              I had to do the same thing as you when I first installed the CC programs.

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                Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                Also let me point out you can't just move programs from one drive to another. 99.99999% of all Windows programs put entries in the Windows registry and other files all over the C drive that are looking for the actual program to be installed on the original install drive location, the original PATH.


                There are only a few programs that you could do that with and again 99.99999% of the time they are listed as Portable programs. Meaning you can run them all by them selves for any drive even a USB thumb drive.