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    Help with exposure bias and Nikon D-90


      I just realized to my surprise that my Nikon D-90 has had its exposure bias adjusted to -2/3 EV for approximately the last year.  I was unaware of this.  I have taken a couple thousand photos.  I am not sure I understand what, if any consequences this would have for me.  What, exactly, does this mean?  As I understand things, this means all the photos I've taken are forced to be 2/3 of a stop underexposed.  Is this correct?  Can I change them all in Lightroom by changing the exposure bias?  Should I attempt to do so?  I do not want to cause further harm but frankly don't really understand the interaction of my images and lightroom enough to know what to do (if anything) to fix.  I would be grateful for any feedback/advice/help.