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    How to connect Adobe Ink

    Jonathan787 Level 1

      So on Wednesday I bought the Adobe Ink and Slide, and so I go on to download line. I find out that it's no longer in development 'n so I download Adobe Draw. After installing I look for the pen icon so that I may connect the pen but it is not there. I have looked up in the forum and I do not have an iPad Pro so I do not understand why the app doesn't show the pen to connect. I have tirelessly looked up on this website to no avail. All the tutorials are expired and keep referring me to connect my pen. Can anyone tell me how to do so because clearly this video does not.  Get started with Ink & Slide | Adobe Ink & Slide tutorials   I do hope that you did not just spike the prices of this tool because apple just turned it into a paperweight due to the fact that they released the Apple Pencil. I believe this to be a great tool for people who do not have an iPad Pro. Here's a screenshot of your app atm. :