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    my brand new Ink & Slide not work properly

    Qoureno Level 1

      Slide not at all with my iPad Mini 4 (always latest 9.3 beta onboard, developer's)


      So, my Slide is not connected what so ever, even though it is set by me to be 'connected' in every damn app :3

      When I try turning it upside down while on the screen, or putting it on it's side (Still on-screen), sometimes the Slide menu appears; but mostly it just make iPad go completely mad and the apps I have in the background keep switching random !


      as to my Ink: it works, but the connection lag is HORRIBLE most of times. The line appears far away from the tip, and it seem to depend of how I actually handle my physical 'pen', which is absurd ! if I, for example, turn it in my fingers around, it either stops responding properly or the line moves around the tip random (?). and the lines are pretty much random sometimes, even tho I do not do that for most part ! ... and apart from drawing, my Ink seem to mostly ignore ICONS in every app I tried. I need to use my hands for icons.


      HELP, I am spreading word about this instantly, I bought it for my Polish home, from US, and payed ~$70 for this. I am not backing down.


      cheers love you Adobe


      another note I gave under someone else's thread on this forums:

      iPad Mini 4, same issue with brand new Slide ! no Line anymore, and it does NOT work with any app I tried. Plus my Ink is horrible at catching connection as well; well, it does work all the time, but the lines are sometimes RANDOM and the lag is horrible. Also, it sometimes does not CATCH on me when I try to click on something al all, and that happens ONLY in Your apps !


      as to my not-working Slide, I mean: when I try to flip it around on the screen it sometimes catches connection on a slit of sec just to make my iPad crazy and usually switch to a random app from my iOS app switcher. and usually it does not respond at all ! it's so frustrating, I chose Your stylus MOSTLY because I wanted the Slide.


      PLS RESPOND !! I am posting this everywhere, from Facebook to Google+ guys. this entire thread. because I bought it from Your web store, from US, to Poland, EU; and payed OVER $70. cheers