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    Video imported via LR mobile has wrong capture time in the desktop app

    Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

      I've been using LR Mobile on my iPhone 6S+ and have it set to enable auto import into a specific collection. When I import a series of mixed media (photos and video), it all syncs through to my desktop computer as expected - except the "Capture Time" reads incorrectly in Lightroom's metadata panel. Weirdly enough, this doesn't affect the sort order in the Library module (I generally keep things sorted by capture time, and the videos are in the right order, even though they have the wrong time listed.


      Example: Below I've pasted a series of four files - two videos, bracketed on either side by two images. They appear in the correct order, even though the capture times are not sequential. Worse yet, the video capture times aren't off by an exact number of hours (which I might fix using the time zone shift), they are off by an amount that varies randomly around 4 to 4.5 hours.


      I've pasted in the metadata panel information below each of the images.


      Has anyone else seen or noticed this?