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      is it possible define initial zoom view in fullscreen mode?

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          olafdruemmer Level 3

          I believe the idea behind full screen mode is to display the whole page using the whole screen. Thus the question arises: what is the goal you wish to achieve by zooming into a page and showing the resulting enlarged partial page across the whole screen? How would the user  get to see the whole page? If he should not see the whole page, why not crop the page to the area of interest?


          Please keep in mind that in full screen mode user interface elements like menu bar and navigation buttons tend to be hidden.

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            claudioc94710553 Level 1

            Thanks for your comment, but wish create a file with a height initial zoom in fullscreen mode.

            My page is rectangular and i want define initial zoom with heigth, is it possible?

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              olafdruemmer Level 3

              Your additional information is difficult to understand for me.


              If I understand you correctly you want to fit the height of the page inside teh screen, and the width shall be whatever it is, implying to leave some space empty if the page is not very wide, or to have parts of the page on the left and the right not showing if it is very wide.




              If this is what you want, I know how you could do it for forcing to show the width (use Cmd-2 - for Zoom->Fit Width) once inside full screen mode, but I can't find a shortcut for Zoom-Fit Height...