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    Do I really have to pay Adobe to solve this?

    C-Rock Level 2
      I have 4 sites that use the File Reference uploading and downloading. None of them work with uploading. I use the 100% same exact script that is in the help files and everywhere on the web. On certain macs the script doesn't work. It allows you to select the file and never actually opens it to begin the upload. I believe it is just an upload problem because you have to access the user's os to browse for a file. And the problem is when you go to open the file to upload. It never files the fileReference.onOpen. Can anyone tell me if this is a specific problem to certain macs or if there's a workaround. I've searched everywhere for months and now a client is going to non-flash because it doesn't work.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          adobe wouldn't do it. i would but it's an exercise in frustration to guarantee that any application will work across all browsers and and os'es.

          if your client wants a file upload that will work for the maximum number of users, you should use html.
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            C-Rock Level 2
            i think it can work fine in flash but i'm not understanding why you need a trigger for. you should only need a trigger for when the file is opened as a callback saying it was uploaded to fire the onComplete. prior to the onOpen being fired flash doesn't even know the what is handling the upload because it contained inside the onOpen function. so there shouldn't be a trigger needed. it's a bug in mac that isn't firing the onOpen and there should be a work around or some literature somewhere on how to get it to work...