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    bug: windows are to small for it's UI-elements and cannot be scaled


      In some Adobe products like Animate CC and Character Animator the UI elements don't fit into their windows on a system here.
      Because of this lots of functions cannot be used or set, and therefore these software packages are worthless and unusable on this machine.
      All, and I really mean ALL, other Windows programs are working perfectly fine, except for these Adobe CC software.
      This bug is there in Animate CC, but also in the new Character Animator software.

      I'm working on a clean, very up to date laptop with all latest drivers and Windows 10 installed.

      Look at the following snapshot to understand how irritating this is:

      This problem is there for several versions of Adobe CC now, and it's hard to believe I'm the only one in the world having this problem.


      Adobe: Making UI elements fit inside its windows doesn't seem like rocket science and is basic stuff to me.
      Please fix this work for us paid customers!!