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    Plz Help! 4 Screens Displaying the same Component...

    Wingnow Level 1
      Hi all,

      I would like to write a Flex Application with 4 screens that displaying the same Component as shown below:

             |       |
        Screen 1  |  Screen 2  |
             |       |
             |       |
        Screen 3  |  Screen 4  |
             |       |

      I want to have when editing the content/property in one of the screen, the other 3 screens would show the same content or property. (Just like one of the function in MS Excel: Split Panel)

      If my component only contain 10 input boxes, it is a good idea to use [Binding].
      Since my component is much more complicated, I think it is not a good idea to use [Binding].
      (Of coz, if [Binding] can handle this complex case, you may suggest that ^_^)

      Now, I used VDividedBox and HDividedBox to create 4 screens, in each screen I put the same component into it.
      Though they are the same component and look entirely the same, they got different IDs and not the same object...

      Is there any way to display an object with same ID in different screen at the same time?
      Or any other suggestion on this issue?

      if nessesary, I don't mind removing the DividedBox, I only want the "one obj displayed in 4 screen at the same time" result !!

      Please Help!

      Thanks All!!