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    Printing a fillable PDF on iOS




      I have a fillable PDF on my PC, and I want to transfer it to my iPhone or iPad to print it.  When I open it in Acrobat Reader (latest version) on my iPhone (iOS 9.3.2), I can see the data that I filled in, but when I try to print it, the form is blank.  Here are the steps to reproduce the issue:


      1. Download this PDF and open it in Acrobat Reader on a PC.
      2. Fill in some fields, then save the PDF.
      3. Transfer the PDF to an iOS device (using, for example, Dropbox).
      4. Use the "Open In..." feature to open the PDF in Acrobat Reader, and notice that the fields are still filled in.
      5. Print the PDF using AirPrint.  Notice that, in the print preview, the fields are now blank.