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    I want a javascript for adding minutes (:00 format) and the should be in  total (:00000 format)

    rakeshk21205956 Level 1

      I am making a pdf form in which user has to enter  the time in minutes (:00 format ex - 00:20 means 20 minutes)  and after they have entered all the fields it has to be added up in total field . the form is something like this




      00:20     this mean 20 minutes

      00:10     this means 10 minutes

      00:05     this means 5 minutes

      00:02     this means 2 minutes

      00:50     this means 50 mintes

      00:59      this means 59 ,minutes


      00:146     the total should be 146 minutes and should in the format :00000  i.e total field should show 00:146 meaning 146 minutes and if total comes 10000 minutes it should as 00:10000



      Please if anyone can help me to get this via pdf javascripting.


      thanks in advance.