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    Error compiling movie error code 1609629695

    Ingkris Level 1

      My System:

      Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

      Premiere CC2015.3

      Graphics Adapter Nvidia Geforce GTX 980

      All Drivers and apps updated


      Exporting large Premiere projects (Duration appx. 1 hour) with Mercury engine activated don't cause any problem in 2K and 4K as well. But after I have replaced my original Mercalli stabilizer effects by Adobe Warp stabilizer I get the following error Information:


      Deactivating GPU Support yields excellent results in terribly long time. I am surprised that the error doesn' occur at the  appearance of the first Warp effect but some Warps later.

      I found several complaints with respect to "compiling movie error" but none with direct relation to Warp.

      Can you help me?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Einfach System neu starten. Da läuft einfach der Grafikkartenspeicher voll. Das sind Bugs.



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            Ingkris Level 1

            Hi Mylenium,


            many thanks for your hint. But sorry - it does not work in my case.  The error occurs again after I have shut down the computer, switched power off and on and restarted again. The error occurs exactly a the same spot in timeline where a Warp stabilizer effect is placed.








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            Betreff:  Error compiling movie error code 1609629695






            Error compiling movie error code 1609629695



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              valParis Level 1



              I have the same Error message with Media Encoder : -1609629695, Selector 9.

              In my case, I use the new Proxy workflow with 4K Media and I put my project on SSD Hard disk.


              Thank you for any new infos about the solving of this bug...


              Have e nice day

              Valéry (from France)

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                PanAura Level 1

                I'm having the same error appearing on my PC.  Windows 10 64Bit, 32GB Ram, Geforce GTX 780, using Premiere CC 2015.3


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                  damienb13498499 Level 1

                  Hi all, same error code during 2 days on a big project in DCI 4K with lot of adjustement layer (sharpening), warp stabilizer and time remapping but now it's solved : )

                  My hardware: MSI GT72 Dragon Edition laptop  with Nvidia GTX 980m 8go DDR5 / 32GB Ram / SSD M2 / Windows 10 (64 bit)


                  From what I see, we all use Nvidia cards with 64 bits OS and Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 here.

                  I try a lot of thing before I become crazy with this stupid error grrr ! But the solution for me was to update the Nvidia driver 368.81 WHQL for Windows 10 - 64 bit (release on 14 July 2016 Drivers | GeForce )


                  Hope it's help, let me know.

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                    Ingkris Level 1

                    Das Problem ist - zumindest für meine Projekte - jetzt gelöst. Seit dem neuesten Update von Premiere CC und Media Encoder tritt der Fehler nicht mehr auf.

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                      Fotorat1 Level 1

                      I had the same problem and am not sure if you found the solution. I installed this Beta driver (linked below) from AMD and it seems to be working now. Hope this helps, if you still need it.



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                        bladeworxisr Level 1

                        So frustrating... i formated my comp (windows 10), installed al the drivers Nvidia Experience and  AMD...nothing helps


                        installed again premiere the newest 2017 CC...nothing helps...still get this messagecrash.jpg

                        Someone? Adobe?

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                          Jason Leaver Level 1

                          I'm having the same problem. I had no issues yesterday. Nothing has changed on my system between yesterday and today.

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                            madatadobe Level 1

                            Same issue here. Brand new install: Dell XPS 15, 32GB RAM, 960M, Windows 10 64-bit.


                            I am unable to render regardless if GPU CUDA acceleration is enabled or not.  I Transcoded all clips to GoPro Cineform and still same issue. It does not fail at the same point in the video each time but a majority of the time it stops where 2 clips are stacked on top of one another with opacity or blending modes being used.  This is a complete deal breaker. I am one week late on delivery of a wedding project. 
                            Preliminary testing shows 2015.3 will render but none of my adjustment layers (which are laden with custom transitions) survive export from 2017 to import back into 2015.  Its hours of work to recreate.  This is UNACCEPTABLE. 


                            Right now as I type this I am rendering from inside After Effects after doing a "Replace with After Effects Composition" of my whole sequence.  It has made it farther than I ever have (still 4 hours to go), however my transitions and adjustments didn't survive the link so would still have hours of work to do.  CC is far too expensive for this to be real. I still can't believe the sun has gone down so many times with this issue still existing.

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                              motlking Level 1

                              Can anyone from Adobe please help us troubleshoot this? I am having the same error and need to get it fixed asap!

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                                Araldrive Level 1

                                I also get this error message!


                                i7 6850K

                                40gb RAM


                                Windows 10 Pro 64bit


                                CUDA enabled or not makes no difference. A majority of time it stops when i use the dynamic link to AE. Mainly H.264 Codec.. but not only.


                                I will try it with an old Quadro Card, but i don't think this will help.

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                                  PoMaf Level 1

                                  I wasn't getting this until updating to CC2017. Now I'm getting it on all my encodes, across multiple systems, with different setups that are otherwise reliable systems. So completely unreliable, with significant amount of lost time.


                                  Adobe: you have the next 3-6 months to get your act together, otherwise make no mistake, I'm going to use your products less and less. Paying customers shouldn't have to make the decision to use older options or be your beta testers. This is completely unacceptable. I can hardly use Premiere Pro:


                                  Opening projects is painful

                                  For some reason, opening the "File" menu seems to be difficult for the program.

                                  Using Lumetri fails to preview randomly

                                  Using warp stabilizer fails to preview randomly.

                                  Due to the above two failures of the program, my preview screen goes blank. Only restarting the program restores picture.

                                  The updated old audio EQ and Dynamics (good), but forgot to set it so their edit boxes would display the full options (fail).

                                  You doubled the amount of RAM for minimum and recommended. I'm assuming for VR and 360 footage? (Are these types of footage ready for primetime, and worth it? I don't know.)


                                  Mind you, prior to CC2017, everything was running 100%, smooth, and at an acceptable speed for my setups. One is an i7 Surface Book with discrete GPU (that I now can't use because of the errors and failures of the latest version of Premiere Pro), the other an e5-1607 Xeon @ 3GHz w 16 GB ram and an NVIDIA Quadro 2000. BOTH FAILING WITH CC2017.


                                  A slight apology for the rant. But I have plenty of time because I was waiting for an encode to finish using the Software Only renderer. Which also.Just.FAILED.


                                  Shame Adobe. Shame.

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                                    curiouscat951 Level 1

                                    did anyone manage to resolve this error with the latest release?


                                    I'm still having the similar issue as the OP, and it only works if I turn GPU acceleration off. Was previously using 660Ti and later upgraded to GTX1060, but still the same problem.




                                    Export Error

                                    Error compiling movie.



                                    GPU Render Error



                                    Unable to process frame.



                                    Writing with exporter: H.264

                                    Writing to file: \\?\E:\1all.mp4

                                    Writing file type: H264

                                    Around timecode: 00:00:03:01 - 00:00:03:09

                                    Rendering effect: AE.ADBE Lumetri

                                    Rendering at offset: 3.045 seconds

                                    Component: EffectFilter of type GPUVideoFilter

                                    Selector: 9

                                    Error code: -1609629695

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                                      PoMaf Level 1

                                      I think if you have the leeway to download the "latest greatest" driver from Nvidia it at least reduces the failure rate. But for me it still fails frequently more than infrequently. I'm not certain who is more at fault in this case (also I'm uncertain how new or old your graphic card is in the lineup, as mine isn't supported anymore, so that's another detail for me), but CC2017 continues to find new ways to fail on me. :\

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                                        Mei111111 Level 1

                                        Same problem, rnadom fails with this error number at various points in the export.


                                        Premiere is great when it works, btu it continues to crash out in numberous different ways, and is now probably the most frustrating program I've ever used.


                                        As this is adobe's fault, and we're all paying for the problems caused by this, perhaps they could offer a work around, and render our projects in the cloud.