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    Why Can I No Longer Update My Site Created with Muse?


      I've had Adobe Creative Cloud for a couple of years. I also have a website (http://www.amazineasheville.net) created with Muse and hosted by Adobe.


      For all this time, I've been able to easily do updates and publish them to my website.


      Suddenly, three or four weeks ago, I no longer can get my website updates published to my website. Instead, I get the options of posting to a site that uses a businesscatalyst extension. I can't post to my actual website address.


      No matter what selections in the Muse menu that I choose, I can no longer get my updates published to amazingasheville.net. Since June 19, I've not been able to update my actual site, just the Business Catalyst version of it, which is not viewable by the public.


      What has changed? What has happened? What's going on?


      I don't need a website program that doesn't allow me to easily make changes!


      Thanks for any help.