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    Matching camera picture style and RAW style?

    stevenp15666665 Level 1

      I took hundreds of pictures for a vacation.


      My Nikon is set to a neutral type style for video.


      I'd like that to transfer to Lightroom. Right now the preview looks correct, but when it looks everything has crazy contrast.


      Any suggestions?

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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In-camera styles only apply to jpgs and never to RAW.

          You have the option in LR to apply camera profiles that are about equal to the in-camera styles.

          How-To for Nikon: How to Get Accurate Nikon Colors in Lightroom

          The same applies for Canon or others.

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            Abambo Adobe Community Professional

            Normally, Lightroom imports have a quite neutral look. You can influence this look in the Camera Calibration tab in the Develop module, but I have to say, I never had the need to change here something:

            • Process is the processing standard as of Adobe. For new imports, this is the latest one (2012 in my case), but older imports stay at the standard they where, when the pictures got imported, this to avoid changes in the picture's look after a software upgrade.
            • Profile: Is quite equivalent to your camera's styles. Look into those profiles to see how the image changes.
            • The other parameters influence the basic colour interpretation.

            My guess on your description ("Crazy contrasts") however is, that you applied some presets during import or you used the Auto button on the Treatment tab.


            You can apply development presets during Import.


            You see what happened to your images on the History tab of your picture:


            You can create your own presets in the Develop module. Apply your parameters to a picture as you like and then push the "+" button in the Presets tab.

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