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    The Printed Documentation Fix patch from Adobe

    John_Meidl Level 1
      One of Adobe's RoboHelp patches (i.e., service releases) is called "Printed Documentation fix." For details, go here:

      My RoboHelp Office version is X5, and I just updated it using the following two patches:
      - rho_x501.exe (for the RH Office Word 2003 Support Update)
      - rho13_x502.exe (for the Microsoft XP Service Pack 2 Support Update X5.0.2)

      I'm wondering whether I also need to apply the Printed Documentation fix. Adobe's instructions say that the fix is for RoboHelp HTML X5. But since I've used the above patches to upgrade to X5.0.2, is this sufficient, or do I also need to go through the steps of applying the Printed Doc fix?

      I'm thinking that since I am not yet receiving any of the error messages listed in the TechNote about this Printed Doc Fix, that perhaps I don't need it.

      Thanks for any ideas.