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    LR 5.7 Not Reading Edits

    ScottM Photographer

      I had a problem with a folder, which got moved.  Not my intention; don't know how or why but the folder was moved.  The 353 files were edited in Lightroom, renamed and had metadata applied.  I've tried copying the files to the correct location.  Bridge CS6 reads the files, shows the edits and the metadata.  Lightroom does not.  What can I do to restore the files, in Lightroom?  I thank you.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you say "Lightroom does not [shows the edits and the metadata]" do you mean the files are still shown as missing and maybe have gray thumbnails or at least a question mark on the folder and/or the thumbnails, OR do you mean the files show as imported into LR and you can make adjustments in Develop but all the files are still at their default settings as if no adjustments have been made?


          And if the latter, if you look at the History in Develop do you see only the Import step or do you see all your adjustment steps but perhaps an Reset or Synchronize as the top step which has reversed all the previous edits even though they are shown in History?

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            ScottM Photographer Level 1

            In Develop, the History show the files, in the "as imported" state.  No edits are shown.


            After submitting the question, a symbol on each photo thumbnail indicated that the file Metadata was different than the Lightroom version.  By selecting to read the disk data, the edit history and catalogue data were restored.  Is this individual file change the best fix?


            I thank you.

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I can't think of a scenario that would explain what you seem to be describing which is the XMP files have the last edits but the LR history does not, but if that is the situation with all of them, then right-click Read Metadata from Files for each (en masse) to get each photo back to its more recent editing state (but without the individual steps listed in History).