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    Curation and featured projects


      I am a member of Behance since 2012. I mostly like the site and believe its a good tool both for sharing and getting inspired.

      Also getting noticed, getting feedback and featured is great, it really can help one in getting more confident. Or realize what does not work.


      For some time now I am observing the way how and when projects are featured on the main site. I observed, had some ideas myself and of course read about how the curation process goes. You know, to learn from it.


      However I noticed a strange thing. Some studios and authors keep being featured repeatedly, almost no matter what the project is. It does not seem to depend on appreciations, project views or comments. These projects are of course usually good, well presented. While projects of same traction and quality from other members slip away.


      Of course there are so many, not all will fit. Still it appears very much so, that after getting featured a few times or having certain amount of followers some designers and studios work gets way easier featured than others. Almost feels like there is a list of "favorites".

      I might be wrong, but I would love to know how is that exactly working?