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    Basic question


      Hi guyz, sorry for this simple question. I would like to get few things clear before I sing in for the year... I know lightroom is based on cataloge. Pls how does the sync between two diff windows desktops exactly works? I have all originals saved on a drive on  desktop1 where I imported all of them to cataloge saved on the same Pc. When I have a laptop(with diff cataloge) and I purchase the standard product for photographers, does this two cataloges synchronize or how does it work that I do any changes on diff Pc and I suppose to see the changes straight after on the 2nd device?


      Thank you!!!!!

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There is no way to sync a catalog between desktop and laptop. You would have to keep the catalog on an external drive and connect it to each machine.


          I would recommend using a separate travel catlog on the laptop and then import as a catlog to combine with your main catalog.



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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            There is no Sync between two different desktop system. The sync you may be referring to is between one install of LR desktop and one catalog file on that one computer and the LR Mobile app for iOS and Android. Even then it just syncs collections between the 2 system and not the complete catalog. That is unless you put all your images into one collection.


            LR is basically a Single computer program. Although Adobe allows you to install on 2 different computers so you can have it on a desktop and a notebook you use for travel and when away from your primary system those 2 installs can not be run concurrently on both system.


            The Catalog file must be stored on a hard drive directly connected to the system LR is running on. It can't be stored on a networked drive.

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              neurotikoldakk Level 1

              Thank you!!! unfortunately you confirmed my expectations.

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                neurotikoldakk Level 1

                Thank you for your help