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    Can't locate InDesign Defaults file on Windows 10

    johnm32060769 Level 1

      Hi, I'm completely new to all this. Just installed InDesignCC(2015) through a university account, and have the Classroom in a Book. I'm stuck on p.4 as can't locate the InDesign Defaults file in Windows 10. Selected 'Show Hidden Files' - but there are no instructions for Windows 10, only 7 & 8. I tried searching for the file through my 'Search' function, but nothing.

      Tried this page: https://helpx.adobe.com/indesign/kb/indesign-preferences-support-file-locations.html Again nothing for Windows 10, tried via CreativeCloud - no icon with the suggested functionality

      I found this thread, but again no reference to Windows 10:

      Troubleshooting 101: Replace, or "trash" your InDesign preferences [2009 Outdated & Locked]

      Any help much appreciated!