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    LineChart "fill"

      How should I change the fill of a line chart? I'm trying to kind of transform a line chart into an area chart just by changing the fill... is that even what "fill" is for? Anyway, this is what I'm doing now and it won't work (i.e., it won't paint the area underneath the line):
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          matthew horn Level 3
          No, fill in a LineSeries defines the color of the lines (you could have a 20 point line, in which case a fill with maybe a gradient would make more sense than in a narrow 1 or 2 point line).

          In an AreaChart control, fill is the fill area (what you think it is).

          If you want to transform a LineChart into an AreaChart, you'd basically have to replace one chart with the other. You could probably create a transition effect that would look nice.

          However, there's also the ability to define data areas on a chart and then add elements to those areas (in other words, draw a box or polygon according to certain datapoints). It's a little tricky, but this should get you started:


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