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    Footnote reference disappearing with Unicode 0x1D50A

    samar1234 Level 1

      Body text, no character of paragraph overrides. Within a paragraph, there is the character    (Unicode: 0x1D50A). Many footnotes.


      Now when I insert a footnote *after* that character, the footnote reference disappears – i.e., becomes invisible – in the text of the paragraph, while the corresponding footnote (with its correct number) does appear in the footnotes. If the footnote is inserted at the end of the paragraph, then not only the footnote reference disappears but also the paragraph pilcrow:



      As soon as I delete the 0x1D50A character, the footnote reference reappears.


      The footnote reference is displayed as expected if the footnote is inserted *before* that character:



      I have tried using a different font for that character, without success.


      I'll probably just create a fake footnote reference for the passage in question ...


      ID CS6, Mac OS X 10.8.5