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    Updating Muse

    esmerelda-funnelweb Level 1

      I've been making a website using an earlier version of Muse.

      Recently I had to reinstall the entire CC along with a new hard drive.

      I've installed 2014 Muse and when I open it, an update to a version released on 13 august 2014 is available; however, when I try to update to this version, I am only offered the option of updating to the 2015 version.

      I've spent a long time on this website and would prefer to use the later version for the moment, rather than update to 2015 versions; however, this particular version does not show up as an option in the 'find other versions' box. This version has a different splash screen to the one I've currently installed.

      Where can I find a link to download this one please - it is not showing in the right pace.adobe 1.JPG




      thanks for your help

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          Pavel Homeriki Level 5

          The latest stable version includes all the fixes and improvements earlier versions is CC 2015.0.2. Therefore, there is no sense to install earlier version, such as CC 2014. I recommend that you install 2015.0.2. Open your project and save it as. I think it should work fine, without any difficulties.