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    Print preview problems

    John Harford

      For the last two weeks i have been unable to get Lightroom CC to display a preview of my print, despite the print preview box being checked.  My printer produces an immediate print when I hit the "print" button. The problem occurs with RAW and JPEG files. Has any one else experienced this problem?  Has Lightroom been updated recently?  I am using windows 10 (64 bit) and a Canon Pro 9500 mk2 printer.  I have tried downloading the latest print driver from Canon, but it doesn't help.

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          Alfred Pennyworth Level 4

          The preview option is part of the printer options not LR. In the properties dialog box there is a tick box to select show preview.


          I'm not sure exactly which tab it is on but I have the same printer among others and it is there.


          Good luck.

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            John Harford Level 1

            Thank you for your reply Alfred.

            Yes I can see the tick box OK.  The problem I have is that despite checking the tick box, I am still not getting the print preview (on a green background) that I used to get..  The printer goes straight into printing as soon as I click on to the "print" button.  Maybe it is a printer problem rather than a Lightroom problem.  If there were an alternative programme I could try printing from that maybe and see if I dont get a print preview in that either.  Not sure what programme to try (I use a PC with windows 10)

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              Alfred Pennyworth Level 4

              Try something like photo viewer or similar I think would be ideal. I don't have windows in front of me to try at the moment sorry Photoshop also might be a good one to try if you have it?

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                John Harford Level 1

                I've tried Corel Aftershot 2 and I don't get a print preview in that either, although I get a little box coming up on screen saying "Canon IJ Preview is in operation.", which isn't true (at least it is not displaying a preview.

                It sounds as though it is a canon printer problem. Maybe the printer  needs to go away for servicing. 

                I have tried completely re-installing it, in case some of the code had got corrupted, but it didn't help.

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                  JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  The print preview button you are talking about is a function of the printer driver, and not a function of Lightroom. Perhaps you need to reinstall the printer driver.

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                    John Harford Level 1

                    Thanks Jim.  Yes that was the first option I considered, I down loaded the latest 64 bit printer driver and installed it but it didn't resolve the problem.  I have since completely re-installed the printer (Canon Pro 9500 mk2) but I still don't get a print preview, even though a screen saying "Canon IJ print preview is in operation" pops up.  Otherwise it seems to be printing OK