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    Not all cell formatting appearing in excel 2013


      I am using Coldfusion to generate a large spreadsheet (18 tabs) with a lot of formatting and it works perfectly when I view the resulting file in Excel 2010 but a bunch of the formatting is missing in Excel 2013.


      If I generate each tab in a separate Workbook then the spreadsheets work great but when combined into a single Workbook, problems appear.


      Tab 1 - 3 columns x 19 rows  Formatted 42 cells.  formatting is correct on all cells

      Tab 2 - 6 columns x 21 rows. Formatted 92 Cells.  formatting only appears on 42 cells

      Tab 3 - 4 columns x 10 rows .Formatted 31 cells.   no formatting appears

      Tab 4 through 15.  no formatting appears

      Tab 16 - 8 columns x 306 rows. formatting on 37 of 2412 cells

      Tab 17 . no formatting appears

      Tab 18  4 of 28 cells has formatting.


      I was thinking there might be a limit on the number of formats that can be applied to a workbook, but then why would it work in Excel 2010 and not Excel 2013.

      I am only using 10 different styles but I am applying them on a cell by cell basis.


      Has anyone else run into this problem before?