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    Multi monitor hangs comp window when split up on start.

    Angry_Postman Level 1

      HAHAHA!  That's the best title I can muster right now.


      I'm running on Windows 10 (Fresh install) on a 6700K with a GTX 1070 and 32 gigs of RAM on a blisteringly fast NVMe drive.  I HAD a GTX 670 a few days ago with the same problem so I can't really point at the graphics card drivers.


      What's happening is when I open Ae with the default setup of the comp window being on a separate monitor it then starts up white in the comp window and nothing displays.  Dragging the comp window back to the main Ae window makes it duplicate the timeline (not clickable, just visual) in itself (Think drag trails on a broken Windows 98 crash).  I close Ae with the windows docked all in one screen, open it up again, and all is well.  I'll drag the comp window back to the other monitor and it carries on working.  I'm also finding that the Ae process doesn't die as quickly as I would expect, it chills there for up to five minutes some times.  I have to manually stop it before Ae will open again.


      Mildly inconvenient but surely there's something going on here.  I've re-installed already and getting the same problem.


      Anyone else getting this?