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    Roll back to a previous version of Camera RAW

    kre57 Level 1

      I am having trouble finding information on how to roll back to a previous version of Camera RAW. After uninstalling PS and Bridge, The Creative Cloud App still shows Camera RAW CC as installed and "updated"; the uninstall option is grayed out. I do not see Camera RAW in my applications folder so I am not sure if it's still on my machine.


      Also, if I install PS/Bridge CC 2015 16.0/6.0 will I get the same version of Camera Raw or will it force me back to using 9.6.1?


      The changes made in the latest version have removed some functions from the save options that I regularly used - Image Sizing and Save Presets. Why in the world were these options removed! This version also frequently freezes up when selecting an additional file naming attribute requiring a force close which results in losing all the adjustments made.


      Mac OS 10.11.6


      Any help would be appreciated.