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    InDesign Export to Epub

    miz sue Level 1



      I use InDesign CS6 once a year at most. Recently I got an INDD file for print that I needed to set up for ePub. I set up paragraph and character styles and applied to the document. The chapter headings are H1 and set to split on export. During export I select split based on tags. The problem I had was the new xhtml files were called isbn1.xhtml, isbn2.xhtml, etc. I was expecting the files to be named chapter1.xhtml, chapter2.xhtml, copyright.xhtml such as identified in the H1 tags. I ended up renaming the files and updating the OPF and NCX files by hand. How do I get InDesign to name the files correctly at export?


      Many thanks for any input!



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          Dan Rodney Adobe Community Professional

          The filenames are based on your InDesign filename. So I'd guess you InDesign file was named isbn.indd. If you rename the InDesign file to chapter.indd, then you'll be happier with the output. You can't control individual files when exporting from a single InDesign file. If you split the file up into different InDesign files and use the Book feature to put them back together, it may use those filenames, but off the top of my head I can't remember if it does.

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            miz sue Level 1

            Hi Dan,


            Thanks for your reply. Well I guess its good that I didn't miss a step but it sure would have been easier if the file name was based on the tag being split. I don't have the skill or time to split the INDD file beforehand so I'll have to do the renaming manually. I did think of using "chapter" as well - that could save time in the OPF and NCX.


            Thanks again Dan!