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    Coldfusion Server Monitor Error


      Hi All,


      OS / Redhat Linux 7

      CF Version 11,0,07,296330

      Tomcat version

      Java version 1.8.0_25 


      I have this strange issue that I am hoping is an easy fix.  Previously when I ran CF9 I was able to get into the Server Monitor without issue.  Back in June we deployed a new server and installed CF11.  Since then, I have not been able to get into the Server Monitor, so I am assuming the issue is related to the way I set up ColdFusion on this new server.


      When I click on Launch Server Monitor in the CF Administrator, it launches a new window but displays the following error message:


      CF Error.png


      I am not sure if it just is looking in the wrong area for the server monitor, or the issue is due with the account used to set up CF.  ColdFusion is currently running as user "nobody"....which I am sure is not the right way to have this configured.  For login information, I have tried using the Administrator account that we log into the CF Admin page with, but have not had any luck.


      Any help to get this resolved would be greatly appreciated